This page lists every piece of hardware that I proudly own & use for our projects.


Keyboards, MIDI Devices, Synthesisers, Audio Interfaces, Mics, Headphones, Recorders, etc.


Real acoustic instruments, for digital or sampled instruments, check the Software page.


Devices & accessories like computer, storage devices, music accesories & essentials.

Keys & MIDI

Keyboards, Synthesisers & other MIDI Devices

Komplete Kontrol S61

Advanced MIDI Keyboard by Native Instruments

Most useful gear I’ve bought ever, and it’s fuckin beautiful (watch the light when it is turned on). I use the light guides, scales features every single day. It helps me not limit my skill of composing due to my lack of being a phenomenal keyboard player. The semi-weighted action of the keys feels like orgasm & the NKS Standard for the Kontakt Libraries is a big time saver. Extra ponts for the amazing Touch Strips.

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Synthesiser, Audio Workstation by Yamaha

Mox gives me the WOW feel unexpectedly, some of my songs have been completely produced on this. The most unique & valuable feature of this synth is almost 7K arpeggiator patterns which can be sent to the DAW as MIDI, I can never feel short of ideas with just that.

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Maschine MK2

Music Production System by Native Instruments

Coolest member of the studio, whenever I’m producing on maschine my mind works in a very different way as the workflow changes in a unique way. On top of that Maschine provides multiple workflow options to choose from, being a rhythmic player at heart, its perfect for my way of making music in multiple contexts.

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Audio Interface / Recorders

Coverters, Portable Recorders.

Duet 2

Audio Interface by Apogee

Audio interface (Soundcard) is the heart of the studio, it’s also the lobby, the Rajiv Chowk metro station (hello North Indians) of the audio signal. Duet is phenomenal, preamps are super clean and loud (Clean signal at over 70db of input gain), goes up to 192KHz (which I actually need) and the conversion quality is also amazing.

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Portable Recorder by Zoom

These serve as my main gear for foley, outdoor ambience capture, in-field recording jobs. The noise floor is lower than its younger brother H4N. I love the switchable Mic Capsules, especially the Mid-Side mic, which I personally adore. It can also act as an audio interface with 4 inputs which is good.

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Studio Monitors

Referencing Speakers, Monitors.


Studio Monitors by Yamaha

These speakers are the definition of truth speakers. No thrills or frills, they won’t hide anything or make your mix sound any better. They will simply look you in your face and tell you rather or not your mix Sucks, period. In my opinion, these are the best pair of monitors under ₹200K (~$3,000).

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Sub Woofer by Yamaha

One of the strongest piece of gear here. It can play the lowest bass tracks. Goes way lower but starting 28Hz till 100Hz, the Studio is owned by this guy.

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NS P40

5.1 Surround Speakers by Yamaha

These are no studio monitors but good enough for the surround referencing. I also love them for enjoying movies & music in 5.1. As I go deeper into film music I’ll upgrade to more professional monitors.

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Condenser, Dynamic, Tube Mics

Sputnik (Mod)

Condenser, Tube Microphone by M Audio

This mic is the standard of what a good mic should sound like, I can spend hours just talking/humming/singing and listening back to my voice, it sounds so beautiful that every singer that records on this literally says “Wow, is that my voice?”. The warmth of the tube does the magic and the multiple polar patterns add to the benefits.

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Dynamic Microphone by Shure

The best dynamic microphone ever made. Perfect for Rap, narration, podcasts, anything that needs to be manly, deep, smooth, dark or loud. That’s a ton of applications. This needs a lot of gain but thanks to my Duet, that is not a problem.

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Dynamic Microphone by Shure

The most famous microphone of the world, and my first. Initially, this was my workhorse, now I use it mainly for fast recording of vocal/instrument ideas and for recording dummies. Awesome mic for the price.

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Cans, Eargasmers, d-_-b

HD 280 Pro

Closed Ear Headphones by Sennheiser

Perfect for tracking (recording) sessions, I use them exclusively for that purpose. They are designed for minimum leakage and block incoming noise efficiently, making them perfect for super clean recordings. Highs are sharp so the singer gets perfect monitoring of the pitch & tone. They’re very portable too, but you’ll never see me wearing these outdoors (at least not on earth ?).

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HD 518

Open Ear Headphones by Sennheiser

The best experience I have had watching movies or listening to orchestral music was on these headphones, the soundstage is large & feels real. I use them extensively for mix & master testing. Bass is underwhelming for bass heavy genres but is perfect for everything else. 

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HD 203

Closed Ear Headphones by Sennheiser

I have so many memories with these that I can write a book about those (maybe not a book but a long blog post). Very inexpensive for the value they deliver, the bass is powerful & very enjoyable. Perfect for production, running & look cool outside as well.

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Real instruments, made of wood, metal, animal skin (damn!)


Percussion Instrument

The first instrument that I learnt. Thanks to Tabla, rhythm flows in my blood and I’m never short of rhythmic ideas. I still love & play it every day, planning to release some tabla fusion tracks very soon.


Rare Traditional Instrument

When you listen to the sound of the rainstick you feel connected to nature, it has a very meditative quality to its sound. When I play back the recording of the rainsticks to my friends a lot of them think its recording of real rain.


Woodwind Instrument

I love collecting flutes and people love gifting them to me. I have a few bansuris, one ancient and one modern Chinese flute. Though I can play some basic tunes on them, I tend to use them mostly for short phrases in my music. For serious flute work, I call my friends who are professional players.


Wind Instrument

Gifted by one of my Chinese friends, it’s one of my most loved instruments. The sound is loud and like flute (but much more powerful). I’ll post some youtube videos playing this soon.


Plucked String Instrument

I Learnt the basics of tumbi playing as a child and loved it ever since. The idea of one stringed instrument is so simple & beautiful. You’ll hear this in some of the folk based songs that I’ve done & will do.


Plucked String Instrument

The father instrument of Indian music, super exotic sound. Our vocalist, musician giElee plays the Sitar.


Plucked String Instrument

Picked this up from a local shop in Siliguri, West Bengal. I still haven’t figured out how to play it the way its supposed to, but I love doing a lot of plucking improvisations because the sound is so exotic. This with some tricky sound design = Out of the world music.


Reed & Wind based Instrument.

The most common melodic instrument in India, I have two of these, one with the german reeds has a deep and beautiful sound, the other has Indian reeds and sounds average. I may not be a very big fan of harmonium but most of the singers that visit the studio love it.

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